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A bit of everything. Art, fashion, food. The city, the sea. All of them, connected via customisable routes and a lot of stories – personal experiences, photos, coffees, going outs, shopping, looking for design or just daydreaming.


the Routes

We picked a few things we like to do and created some experiences for you to try and enjoy: Design & the City, Slow Food, Cycling. Try them and send us your feedback!

the Visual City

See how others see the city. How they design the streets, the buildings, how they look at Barcelona through their photographic lenses, or how do they add colours and mappings and lights to it.

the Foodie Stories

Read on local dishes. Iberian specialties. Vegan cuisine. Craft beer, wine, vermouth and other great stuff to drink. Specialty coffee. And everything else.

Design & Co.

Fashion, graphic and interior design you can enjoy and shop in Barcelona.