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The Taste of Barcelona Tour

The Taste of Barcelona Tour is an easy way to discover the city and the food, the local vibes and the contemporary trends.

We start the tour in the heart of the city, right on its most famous avenue. We take a walk and cross two districts while revealing many of the icons and symbols of Barcelona, some of them right under your feet or in front of your eyes, still so easy to be missed. We pass by original fashion stores, contemporary art galleries and emblematic buildings.


We meet at the Apple of Discord and then stop for:

  1. specialty coffee
  2. pintxos or miniature cuisine – in a restaurant in one of Barcelona’s best dining areas
  3. Iberian specialties tasting – at one of the city’s most famous and beautiful market that offers great local produce, whilst being less crowded than La Boqueria market
  4. local tapas and beer – in a place with contemporary look and rich history
  5. a wine store where you can learn about local wines
  6. a special dessert that’s perfect for the summer, in one of the best places in Barcelona for this local specialty

We are delighted to share with you what we know best. Andre is chef in a restaurant in Barcelona and Ioana studied architecture, so Andre will tell you everything about the local food, the way it’s served and the way it’s named, while Ioana will reveal the essentials about Modernism and Gaudi (but not only) and where to look for local design and art.

What’s Included

a walk, lots of information, and a map with recommendations that you will receive on your phone at the end of the tour

What’s Optional

the food: we explain everything and you choose what to eat and pay separately

Tour Details

Timing: the tour takes about 4 hours

Meeting point: right in front of Casa Amattler

Meeting hour: 10.30 a.m.

Tour days: Thursdays and Saturdays

Tour price: €17

Book Your Tour Here

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